During our research of Czech towns to check out, we learned about the wonders of the natural peat found in the marshes around Trebon.


We picked Trebic as an "off the beaten path" stop on our mini Czech road trip. It was about a 2 hour drive from Prague during which I may or may not have nodded off while Chris kept us on course.

A château a day

From Tours you can follow the Loire River in either direction and hit château after château and vineyard after vineyard. We figured if French royalty and nobility thought this was a nice area to set up camp, we should see for ourselves. 

Baltic cruise - St. Petersburg

To get the most out of our two days in St. Petersburg, we booked a guided tour that among other things helped us get into Russia without having to get visas on our own and gave us a crash course on the Romanovs. 

Carillon, carry on

In my last French lesson, I told my teacher that Chris and I recently climbed up the bell tower in Lille and asked her to help me pronounce the word in French...


We made it to Amsterdam after a night of very little sleep, so it wasn't a hard decision to step aboard a boat and get to know the city by cruising the canals...


We were greeted in Haarlem with a partly cloudy sky, cool breeze, and within 5 minutes of walking from the train station, a view of the De Adriaan windmill...

La Braderie

While most of the USA was saying farewell to the unofficial end of summer with Labor Day weekend cook-outs and football games, the city of Lille was busy hosting Europe's largest flea market, la Braderie. 

In Bruges

Bruges is known for its beer, chocolate, and soaring bell tower, which were reasons enough for us to hop on the Ouibus and spend a couple days there. 

Café chien

During our first couple days in Lille, we walked past a storefront that immediately caught my eye because it had a big fluffy dog in the window.